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Claiming Dependent Tax Exemptions
• The impact of dependent exemptions on tax returns and the resulting refunds is significant. When parents separate, exemptions are allocated between them. However, when there are child support payments, the paying parent must be current through December 31st in order to claim any dependent tax exemptions for that year. If they are not, those exemptions revert to the other parent.  

Enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements

• Prenuptial agreements are a practical way to take as much uncertainty out of a divorce as possible by allowing couples to determine how assets would be divided. However, one person may question the validity of the agreement during litigation, requiring a determination on enforceability. Courts look at the totality of circumstances surrounding the preparation of the agreement, including the time between execution and the wedding. It is highly recommended for at least 30 days between signing and the ceremony.

Safety First - Increased Risks of Injury

• With fall weather here it's only be a matter of time before frost, ice, and snow are upon us. Roadways and walkways will become treacherous for drivers and pedestrians alike. If you are injured or your property is damaged as a result of someone else's unsafe behavior or negligence, our office can and will help get the compensation you deserve.

Community Happenings

• The fall weather is finally upon us and that means fairs and festivals! Check out these family-friendly local events:
• Deerfield Fair (Deerfield NH) ◦New England's Oldest 'Family Fair' -140 Years of Agricultural Family Fun
◦ Thursday, September 29th at 8 am through Sunday, October 2nd at 7 pm

• The Big E (West Springfield MA) ◦Celebrating 100 Years - A Century of Greatness
◦ Friday, September 16th at 8 am through Sunday, October 2nd at 10 pm

• Milford Pumpkin Festival (Milford NH) ◦27th Annual Great Pumpkin Festival
◦ Friday, October 7th at 5 pm through Sunday, October 9th at 3 pm

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