Saturday, November 19, 2016

Is My Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Safe? Need a Lawsuit Attorney in NH?

Samsung Phone Recall Update

New Hampshire Galaxy Note 7 owners may have heard about the recall involving the mobile device created by Samsung, but do you know what issues to expect? When consumers hear of recalls involving items today, many individuals will simply ignore any warnings believing they will not be affected. Samsung had had to issue a recall on the Galaxy Note 7 device due to fire and explosive tendencies. Consumers who own the device should become knowledgeable of the danger and return the device to the retailer before damage can occur.

What to Expect

New Hampshire residents who have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should fully understand the recall and what to expect from the device. Just two weeks after the phone was released to rave reviews, the product was recalled due to being a fire hazard. As many as 35 cases were found in which the mobile device would catch fire or explode while being plugged up to charge.

Samsung took steps to try and remedy the issue, providing replacement devices in the hopes of remedying the situation. However, the replacement phones suffered from the same problem. The company has now issued a recall on all phones and will not be providing replacements. The devices are no longer being created as production has been halted.

Do I Have an Injury Case or Not?

If you have the device in your home, be aware that you are at risk to personal injury to yourself, others or damage to your home. A New Hampshire injury attorney will quickly tell you that if you have been harmed by the device or your home or property has been damaged, you may be able to file a legal claim. If you suffered from personal injury due to fire or explosion, or perhaps your home or belongings were damaged, you may be eligible to file claim.

Contact an injury attorney to learn more about your personal rights in this manner. Personal injury, damage to property or even compensation for using the phone while the potential for danger was imminent can be reason enough to file claim. An experienced attorney will be able to assist you with such matters, discussing your personal involvement and how to move forward.

What is The Cause of The Fires?

While Samsung has not yet reported as to why the battery is an issue and can result in fire or explosion, there have been reports that the battery issue is due to a manufacturer problem. The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that the manufacturer of batteries used in the device are the issue. Samsung used Amperex Technology to produce the batteries, which is an outside supplier. This company supplied around 35% of the batteries for the devices while Samsung SDI supplied the rest.

What Phones Were Affected?

Only a small percentage of the phones are said to be affected so it could be that the battery manufacturer is the problem. Could this be considered negligence on Samsung’s part, by using another company for a percentage of batteries used on the devices?

Overall, it is important to adhere to the recall standards and avoid injury to yourself or home. Contact Samsung to learn more about the recall, either online or via telephone. If you feel that compensation is in order, speak to an attorney to learn your rights.

 By Robert Bartis