Friday, May 26, 2017

Deadly Street Drug Carfentanil Causing Mass Overdoses in New Hampshire

Carfentanil Drug in New Hampshire
New Carfentanil Drug Use in New Hampshire

The deadly drug Carfentanil finally found its way into the streets of New Hampshire. Three deaths were reported in Manchester New Hampshire in March 2017, and there were also many other incidences of drug overdoses in Manchester as well as other places such as Concord NH and Franklin NH.

Carfentanil is a derivative of Fentanyl and it is more than 100 times more potent. Carfentanil comes in the wake of a rising opioid epidemic. Responders and law enforcement in New Hampshire had their hands full even before the presence of Carfentanil was reported in Manchester.

Spike in Overdoses

By mid 2015 fentanyl, was already responsible for two thirds of the reported drug overdoses in Concord. Even though opioids were never considered to be as bad as other substances such as cocaine and alcohol, in recent years, the number of opioid related overdoses have spiked in the Midwest and New England.

The first occurrence of Carfentanil in New Hampshire was reported in Manchester in April 2017. Three deaths and a number of overdoses were confirmed to be Carfentanil. In April, more than 26 overdoses were reported in Manchester.

In Concord there were at least 42 overdoses by the end of March. However, there has been no Carfentanil reported death in Concord. In April there were 20 overdoses reported. Authorities believe that it is now responsible for at least 40 percent increase in overdoses reported in the city.

Drug manufacturers have been using Carfentanil to lace fentanyl, heroin and other drugs. Drug dealers use it to increase the amount of heroin, make it potent and increase their profit margins. A kilo of the substance goes for a few thousand dollars in the black market, and only trace amounts are needed to adulterate heroin or cause an overdose.

Russian Roulette

Some addicts seek Carfentanil laced heroin because of its kick and longer high. Unfortunately, other users of heroin and other illicit substances may not be aware that the drug has been laced. Therefore many addicts are at risk of overdosing on Carfentanil without even knowing it. Addicts buying heroin and fentanyl available in Manchester and Concord streets may be playing Russian Roulette with this new potent drug that can kill in an instant. 

Carfentanil granules look like table salt. It may not be easy to distinguish it from other illicit substances that it is often mixed with. Toxicology tests require between 6 weeks and 3 months before they are ready.

It is therefore possible that what was thought to be a heroin overdose could in fact be Carfentanil.  Also, the substance may already be in areas where drug enforcement and responders thought were not affected.

Manchester and Concord have started a Safe Station program for people exposed to the drug. This provides care for addicts who require medical assistance or want to get help for their addiction. Its symptoms are similar to Fentanyl. The symptoms include nausea, itching and respiratory complications.

Due to the very high potency of the drug, anyone who comes into contact may get a seizure or die in the process. Law enforcement, health workers, and dogs involved in drug enforcement are at a risk. If you have been arrested and busted with Carfentanil or Opioid. It would be in your best interest to speak with a criminal defense attorney in NH that is experienced in drug possession laws.

By Robert Bartis


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Senate Bill 12 Moves Forward – New Gun Laws in NH

Currently in the state of New Hampshire, state law allows any citizen to legally own and possess a firearm. Individuals of the state can legally carry the firearm openly, be it loaded or unloaded. However, if an individual has a firearm that is concealed, such as in a handbag or covered by a jacket, then the carrier would be required to have a concealed carry handgun license. There is legislation in the state that is currently moving forward that would eliminate the need for such licensing if the weapon is concealed.

Proposed Bill
Gun defense lawyer in NH

Senate Bill 12 is proposed legislation that would extend the permitless open carry laws to permitless concealed carry. This means that individuals who are law-abiding gun owners would have the right to carry openly or with a concealed firearm.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Jeb Bradley and recently moved through the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee by a vote of 12 to 8. The bill now moves on to the House floor where it will be considered by the full House. Voters in every state are now being urged to contact state representatives and get them on board to vote in favor of the legislation.

Licensing Requirement

With Senate Bill 12, the licensing requirement to carry a concealed revolver or pistol would be repealed. The law would not apply to those who are prohibited to carry a firearm. Individuals who obtain a license to carry would be allowed to conceal or carry openly as well as see a longer time frame before having to renew licensing. Residents would actually be able to have licensing for a five year time frame instead of the previous four.

Constitutional carry bills do not have a direct effect on gun control of a federal level but widespread passage of such conceal carry laws in states is a subtle way to undermine federal efforts to regulate guns. The passage of Senate Bill 12 is a state action that will lower the barrier for individuals who wish to defend themselves, making it more difficult to limit efforts by the federal government in regards to gun control.

If Faced with a Weapons Charge

Criminal defense attorneys across the nation have representative individuals in cases where firearms are the main subject of contention. Some defendants may face a concealed weapons charge but be legally able to carry a firearm. With this new law in place, individuals in New Hampshire would not have to worry about such charges as there would be no law against concealed carry, as long as the individual is legally allowed to possess the firearm.

For gun enthusiasts, the new law is a step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see if the bill gets the full support of the Senate or at least enough votes to move the bill forward in the process of becoming law.

By Robert Bartis


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Is My Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Safe? Need a Lawsuit Attorney in NH?

Samsung Phone Recall Update

New Hampshire Galaxy Note 7 owners may have heard about the recall involving the mobile device created by Samsung, but do you know what issues to expect? When consumers hear of recalls involving items today, many individuals will simply ignore any warnings believing they will not be affected. Samsung had had to issue a recall on the Galaxy Note 7 device due to fire and explosive tendencies. Consumers who own the device should become knowledgeable of the danger and return the device to the retailer before damage can occur.

What to Expect

New Hampshire residents who have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should fully understand the recall and what to expect from the device. Just two weeks after the phone was released to rave reviews, the product was recalled due to being a fire hazard. As many as 35 cases were found in which the mobile device would catch fire or explode while being plugged up to charge.

Samsung took steps to try and remedy the issue, providing replacement devices in the hopes of remedying the situation. However, the replacement phones suffered from the same problem. The company has now issued a recall on all phones and will not be providing replacements. The devices are no longer being created as production has been halted.

Do I Have an Injury Case or Not?

If you have the device in your home, be aware that you are at risk to personal injury to yourself, others or damage to your home. A New Hampshire injury attorney will quickly tell you that if you have been harmed by the device or your home or property has been damaged, you may be able to file a legal claim. If you suffered from personal injury due to fire or explosion, or perhaps your home or belongings were damaged, you may be eligible to file claim.

Contact an injury attorney to learn more about your personal rights in this manner. Personal injury, damage to property or even compensation for using the phone while the potential for danger was imminent can be reason enough to file claim. An experienced attorney will be able to assist you with such matters, discussing your personal involvement and how to move forward.

What is The Cause of The Fires?

While Samsung has not yet reported as to why the battery is an issue and can result in fire or explosion, there have been reports that the battery issue is due to a manufacturer problem. The Wall Street Journal has pointed out that the manufacturer of batteries used in the device are the issue. Samsung used Amperex Technology to produce the batteries, which is an outside supplier. This company supplied around 35% of the batteries for the devices while Samsung SDI supplied the rest.

What Phones Were Affected?

Only a small percentage of the phones are said to be affected so it could be that the battery manufacturer is the problem. Could this be considered negligence on Samsung’s part, by using another company for a percentage of batteries used on the devices?

Overall, it is important to adhere to the recall standards and avoid injury to yourself or home. Contact Samsung to learn more about the recall, either online or via telephone. If you feel that compensation is in order, speak to an attorney to learn your rights.

 By Robert Bartis


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Taxes - Claiming Dependents - Prenuptial Agreements - Injury Preventions - Bartis News NH

Claiming Dependent Tax Exemptions
• The impact of dependent exemptions on tax returns and the resulting refunds is significant. When parents separate, exemptions are allocated between them. However, when there are child support payments, the paying parent must be current through December 31st in order to claim any dependent tax exemptions for that year. If they are not, those exemptions revert to the other parent.  

Enforceability of Prenuptial Agreements

• Prenuptial agreements are a practical way to take as much uncertainty out of a divorce as possible by allowing couples to determine how assets would be divided. However, one person may question the validity of the agreement during litigation, requiring a determination on enforceability. Courts look at the totality of circumstances surrounding the preparation of the agreement, including the time between execution and the wedding. It is highly recommended for at least 30 days between signing and the ceremony.

Safety First - Increased Risks of Injury

• With fall weather here it's only be a matter of time before frost, ice, and snow are upon us. Roadways and walkways will become treacherous for drivers and pedestrians alike. If you are injured or your property is damaged as a result of someone else's unsafe behavior or negligence, our office can and will help get the compensation you deserve.

Community Happenings

• The fall weather is finally upon us and that means fairs and festivals! Check out these family-friendly local events:
• Deerfield Fair (Deerfield NH) ◦New England's Oldest 'Family Fair' -140 Years of Agricultural Family Fun
◦ Thursday, September 29th at 8 am through Sunday, October 2nd at 7 pm

• The Big E (West Springfield MA) ◦Celebrating 100 Years - A Century of Greatness
◦ Friday, September 16th at 8 am through Sunday, October 2nd at 10 pm

• Milford Pumpkin Festival (Milford NH) ◦27th Annual Great Pumpkin Festival
◦ Friday, October 7th at 5 pm through Sunday, October 9th at 3 pm

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Using Drones for Criminal Law Enforcement According to the New Hampshire Bill

New Hampshire Drone Laws
Benefits and Pitfalls of Drones

They used to be objects used only in sci-fi and spy thriller movies.  But now drones are so common and ubiquitous, and they have dozens of uses from delivery to photography, and even spying.  The results of information obtained by drones can be used as ground for filing lawsuits and divorce.

Yes, drones are handy for accessing what otherwise may be unsafe or heavily guarded areas.  Because of their size and quiet nature, drones, can be easily directed into tight little spaces or unusually high altitudes that would otherwise be hazardous for humans to get to without getting caught or seriously injured.  This was already proven by an incident where a drone crashed right onto White House grounds.  It clearly indicates that drones pose threats to human privacy and security. 

Highlights of the Proposed New Hampshire House Bill 1620

Current legal systems and existing laws have recognized the dangers of drones to privacy and security but have yet to be refined.  About 20 states have enacted some laws to provide control measures against drones and incorporate their proper use in line with the Fourth Amendment. 

The FAA also proposed new guidelines for commercial drone uses. The guidelines cover the altitudes and navigable airspace allowed for drones.  These are still up in the air and also need to be carefully studied by legislators. 

One main issue involves the use of drone for police or military surveillance work, particularly the legality of such practice vis-a-vis human right to privacy.

After two years of work and research regarding use of aerial drone photography, House Bill 1620 was sponsored by Rep. Neal Kurk of New Hampshire and passed to the state Senate.  This bill protects against drone misuse and abuse especially by private entities.

Kurk explained that private use of drones, such as for photography or videotaping of wild animals in their natural habitats, is allowed under the new bill. The bill also states that drones are allowed for use in criminal law enforcement provided that a warrant was issued for it.  The information and evidence obtained from using a drone must also be directly related to the warrant and must be reported to the state Attorney General.  Drone use with warrants is limited to two days. The Attorney General’s office has the final say on whether the information is in order, or alternatively destroy it. 
Definitely, drones are not allowed for use inside buildings as that would be breaching personal privacy. 


There may also be exceptions to the above conditions, such as federal agencies that use drones to track down terrorists even with no warrant.  This will require authorization of the federal government.  The bill provides for “preemption” conditions where the federal government can extend the right to supersede state laws especially where public safety may depend heavily on the drone-gathered evidence. 

Violators of the drone criminal law, whether public or private, would be guilty of Class B felony and subject to penalties up to $10,000. 

The Bill also contains other drone-related matters, such as liability and personal injury laws for people who were accidentally injured by drones, as well as people who intercept a drone.

By Robert Bartis